Since we've star our activity we are engaged in a process of ecological and sustainable development.
In a region or the Bio and ecology are very present we undertook the establishment of different sustainable actions.

What have we done for this?
  • All of the bulbs in the domain are lamps low consumption or new technology.
  • All showers have either a "Stop-shower" or a Thermostatic faucet to save water.
  • All valves in the field are equipped with aerators last generation validated by the WWF to save water.
  • We use recycled paper bearing the "Ecolabel" "PEFC" lable for our impressions.
  • We covered our pool with a hard cover for not having to heat it and avoid heat loss.
  • The opening we bought 98% of second-hand and already recycled furniture.
  • We are promoting local trade and proximity by putting at the disposal of our customers a delicatessen on-site to avoid the trip by car.
  • Washing-up provided to our clients for their stay is entirely organic and made by the company "Hakawerk".
  • We encourage all our visitors and clients to respect an ecological approach:
  • By sorting their waste, bottles and cartons
  • Saving water from the tap
  • By drinking water from the tap instead of buying plastic bottles
  • Putting aside the towels not used at end of stay
  • Asking them to keep the own nature on and off the field
Many thanks to the Association "Ecoscience Provence", partner of the Fondation Nicolas Hulot which we helped and supported actively in our approach.